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Hanson Secrets 3

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The New Hanson Secrets Community. Rules are the basicly same as the 2.0 site cause I think that covers pretty much everything but some things have changed a little. We are trying to be fair in all the rules and decide on rules to make everyone happy. But My mods and I have the right to change these rules at any time if needed. if things get out of hand in comments or with secrets then we will make new rules.

Please note this community is not to be taken too seriously. The secrets do not reflect the opinions of the moderators and we do not claim any of them to be true. Believe at your own peril.

Please keep in mind that these rules go for secrets and for the comments to them.

1. Outright bashing of fans, Hanson, and members of the Hanson camp will not be posted. Mods' discretion will be used in deciding if something counts as bashing. This includes Racial remarks. And I didnt think it needed to be said but this includes name calling.

2. "Calling out" other Hanson fans will not be allowed. This includes in comments if you know who posted a secret. And this also includes any rumors about any other fans Do not Post their names, Screen names, ANYTHING that can tell everyone who someone is in Secrets or something a secret is about.

3. Graphics with overtly sexual implications (pictures only, text is okay) will not be posted. Nudeity may be posted with a warning for the viewers about the picture as long as its not anything over the top.

4. All secrets must pertain to Hanson. Jonas brother Secrets will not be allowed nor will any "This band is better than your band" posts. Mods will use their discretion in this. Tinted Windows is fine since it concerns taylor but please dont let it get out of Hand. Also secrets about hanson and another band may be submitted as long as its not a my band is better than your band type post I.e "I think Hanson and This band would sound good playing together" is fine.

5. All secrets must be under 700x500 pixels and must be in graphic form. Text secrets will not be posted. Also we must be able to read the secret. Dont post something small with tiny font thats hard to read, no one ever reads those.

6. Secrets made with "banned" photos will be edited or not posted at all. These pictures include: Hanson.net pictures, pictures taken during the bryant shoot, any hospital pictures. Please just save us all the trouble and DO NOT USE THEM. If you aren't sure if it's a banned photo just don't use it.

This community has closed membership so Just add it to your watch list to keep up with it.